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Lions Mane

Fresh Mushrooms 

From Our Farm to Your Kitchen

Support Local Mushroom Farming

We are passionate about growing gourmet mushrooms and uplifting the local mushroom community. Not only do we cultivate our own high-quality mushrooms, but we also collaborate with other small-scale farmers to ensure the best produce.

Join us to:

  • Learn and Grow: Access our free education resources to start and grow your own mushroom farm.

  • Access Pop up Markets: Connect with local markets to sell your mushrooms and reach more customers.

  • Community Engagement: Network with other mushroom enthusiasts and farmers.

  • Startup Guidance: Receive support and guidance for launching and growing your mushroom business.

  • Innovative Techniques: Stay updated with the latest techniques and best practices in mushroom farming.

We offer opportunities for lifestyle artists and enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference by growing for their community. Together, we can create a thriving, sustainable mushroom farming community.

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Fresh Mushrooms

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