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DALL·E 2023-11-27 13.54.02 - A bird's eye view of a small-scale, lively and fun farmers ma

Welcome to West Coast Fungi at a Local Market


At WestCoastFungi we are passionate about bringing you the best gourmet mushrooms and local products. We are dedicated to providing free education to start and grow your own mushroom farm, to empower communities and shine a spotlight on great local farmers. Keep your eyes out for our local favourites and sign up for our weekly supply of mushrooms!

Our Offerings

We are looking to expand our selection from just mushrooms! With your support we aim to bring to you all the local favourites from honey, fresh produce, freshly baked bread and of course more mushrooms. Please reach out if you have or know a local producer we can support, we love to share!

Global Reach, Local Impact: Join Our Marketplace Waitlist Today!

Experience the joy of a global community supporting local, where real people and real products make a real difference. Be the first to access exclusive deals, discover unique local businesses, and support your community. Join our waitlist now and get early access to our marketplace!

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